Dare To Live

Videographer and professional life-liver Rory Kramer shoots concerts for some of the biggest names in music, and on their days off, he takes them on epic, thrill-seeking adventures to get them out of their comfort zones, let loose, and dare to live.
    • Dare To Live #101


      While touring with his good friends The Chainsmokers, Rory takes the guys via private jet to his hometown in Indiana to give them the full lake-life experience, complete with reckless driving and an extreme game of slip and slide flip cup.

    • Dare To Live #103

      Iggy Azalea

      Rory catches up with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea in Los Angeles on the set of her latest music video before taking her on a high-flying day off that includes simulated air battle in military fighter jets.

    • Dare To Live #105

      Steve Aoki

      Rory heads to Hawaii to shoot a concert with legendary DJ Steve Aoki, and on their day off, they surf giant waves, dive off a giant cliff, and take a swim alongside giant sharks.

    • Dare To Live #106


      After shooting a concert with singer-songwriter and rising star Khalid in Rory's home state of Indiana, the two push themselves to their limits on a huge mud obstacle course, take a zip-line over a lake, and race in the world's fastest lawnmowers.