Fear Factor 2017

    • Fear Factor 2017 #106

      Daters in the Dark

      Ludacris takes couples who relationships have been on and off and tests their bonds. Plus, David Hasselhoff's daughter seeks to redeem her family name.

    • Fear Factor 2017 #107

      Helicopter Parents

      Ludacris tests family bonds as parents and their kids compete for 50k. But with thousands of scorpions, leeches and the ultimate cord cutting challenge in the way, who can face their fears to become a champion?

    • Fear Factor 2017 #108

      The Struggle is Real

      Ludacris puts lifelong friendships to the test as they face acid shooting beasts, face the fear of drowning and must save their cell phones hundreds of feet in the air. All to win the 50k.

    • Fear Factor 2017 #109

      Buried Alive

      Ludacris pushes housemates to face off against lizards, text while being buried alive, and escape a car hanging over the edge of a cliff. All to win 50k.

    • Fear Factor 2017 #110

      Sister Act

      Ludacris sees if 4 teams of sisters can confront their fears and win 50k. But mystery creatures in the dark and a dumpster dive could tear their bond to shreds.