Elaborate displays of affection, surprise and wit are key elements to pulling of a successful promposal.
    • Promposal #102

      Panic at the Promposal

      Josh doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to wooing his girlfriend Malea. He has one last chance to get it right before Malea’s High School career is officially over.

    • Promposal #103

      Sky High Promposal

      Morgan is promposing to Mitch, her best friend since Pre-K making them Putnam High’s most popular pair. But it’s time to take things to another level in more ways than one.

    • Promposal #104

      Enchanted Promposal

      Determined not to let small-town society keep them down, Brandon decides to show Noah just how much his selflessness means to him with an over-the-top enchanted forest promposal.

    • Promposal #105


      With the help of the entire theater department of East Ridge High School, Quintin has come up with a Zombie PROMpocalypse for his epic promposal to his absolute BFF, Maggie. Problem is Maggie is in love with her new boyfriend.

    • Promposal #106

      I'd Dive For Prom

      Alejandro has come up with an outrageous, high in the sky Promposal to not only lock in his prom date but to also win back his ex-gf, Cassidy.

    • Promposal #107

      Promposal on Pointe

      Tyler and Phoebe are the "it" couple at Greenwich High School. But when rumors begin to spiral out of control, not only is his choreographed dance promposal on the line but he may lose his perfect girl for good.

    • Promposal #108

      Top of the World Promposal

      Paulie and Karina have a passionate, yet tumultuous relationship causing the two to constantly break up. But It's time for Paulie to put his emotions to the side and send Karina on a romantic New York adventure.