Don't tell the doctor

    • Don't tell the doctor #101


      Sophie has severe acne from head-to-toe and obsessively picking her skin to pieces. Jason suffers from random bouts of uncontrollable rage. Tracy is experiencing a very intimate problem and Mason lives at home with his Mum who hates his stinky feet!

    • Don't tell the doctor #102


      Full-time carer Coco tried to cut out a scar on her shoulder only for it to triple in size. Vlogger Sammy is plagued by facial hair. Hairdresser Lee is having toilet trouble and Kyran is terrified a mysterious lump above his eye could be cancer.

    • Don't tell the doctor #103


      Nicola is convinced her hair-loss is due to a brain tumour. Dan has an uncontrollably itchy posterior. Ben has made a bleeding rash on his back, chest and neck worse with baking soda and Toyin risked her life by taking dodgy diet drugs.

    • Don't tell the doctor #104


      Emi is devastated that her hair is falling out. Agonising thigh pain is threatening Kim's bodybuilding career. Shamala undergoes surgery to remove her blackened toenails. Debbie is fed up of people thinking she is pregnant.

    • Don't tell the doctor #105


      The team of doctors come to the aid of an artist who has cracked and sore hands, a hairdresser with facial scarring caused by teenage acne and a fashion designer who suffers from extreme snoring.

    • Don't tell the doctor #106


      The group of medics come to the aid of a singer who excessively sweats, a woman who ended up in hospital after too much dieting and exercise, a Cardiff woman with a bowel problem and a TV producer with a mysterious skin condition.

    • Don't tell the doctor #107


      The group of medics come to the aid of Nav who has extreme acne, Zac's hands seize up occasionally, Paul has a severe perspiration problem, and Emma has an unsightly varicose vein on her leg.

    • Don't tell the doctor #108


      Diet pills that turns out to be deadly, an unlicensed tanning drug, a woman seeks help with her panic attacks and sleeping problems, and a patient reveals that she has had a breast lump for a year without having it checked out.

    • Don't tell the doctor #109


      This week the doctors rush to the rescue when aspiring actress Blessing seeks advice about a black lump on her ear, Alan is plagued by a mysterious rash and Essex rocker Kiran has ringing in his ears.