Grossbusters brings you the rankest rooms in the US with our host Evan Spaulding taking on the biggest scuzzbuckets and shaming them in to changing their ways.
    • Grossbusters #101

      Melania and Justin

      ​This grimy episode brings us slovenly student Melania whose room is so filthy she’s been forced to sleep in the office, and Justin who loves Instagraming selfies, but his room’s more like insta-grime.

    • Grossbusters #102

      Maggie and Franchely

      Next up - Maggie from Connecticut, whose room has attracted stink bugs, and hair stylist Franchely who lets her guinea pig roam around freely, so her room is covered in animal poop.

    • Grossbusters #103

      Richard and Kalyn

      Richard from Houston Texas is so gross he lets his cat use his room as a litter tray, and fashionista Kalyn has clothes for a carpet.

    • Grossbusters #104

      David and Haley

      David’s been nominated by his mom because his teenage boy’s bedroom has crusty towels and a hideously hum. Our next grimy lady, Haley, is so freaking lazy that this nomination is a family affair.

    • Grossbusters #105

      Darius and Wiktoria

      ​Next up we’re in Texas to meet Darius with a bed bug infestation, and Evan has an unexpected surprise with glamour puss Wiktoria from Chicago whose boyfriend is sick of her living in a disgusting den.

    • Grossbusters #106

      Elenilson and Arielle

      ​In this grungy episode trainee teacher Elenilson needs help with his cockroach ridden basement turned dungeon and single Arielle needs to clean up her act if she wants to find love.

    • Grossbusters #107

      Christian and Paige

      Evan comes close to barfing in this caper as he meets Christian who cuddles up to cockroaches in his daylight-starved den; and Paige whose model looks and putrid pad make for a disturbing combination.

    • Grossbusters #108

      Joni and Carina

      Next up Evan has a real shocker on his hands - he meets Joni who smears boogers on her wall, and Carina who lives like a vampire in a dungeon so scary her boyfriend won’t stay over.

    • Grossbusters #109

      Jevon and Brittany

      DJ Jevon wants a pad that’s as slick as he looks but his filthy pad is letting him down and single Brittany has an ant infestation that is ruining any plans to get her back in the dating game.

    • Grossbusters #110

      Julie and Hayley

      Lawyer Julie is nominated by her dad whose concerned she keeps her room like a pigsty. Evan plays judge and decrees she has to change along with student Hayley whose room is like a giant trash can.

    • Grossbusters #111

      Grossest Skankbags Busted

      The worst of the worst scuzzbuckets and their disgusting habits, from bogey walls to mouldy food and animal faeces, this lot have committed some serious filth felonies.