The Ride

The Ride is a new music driven series for MTV’s global networks following today’s biggest artists as they reveal the most game-changing moments that “made them”— and transformed their lives-- culminating in the #1 most important moment that changed everything. There’s nothing more powerful than an artist speaking their truth. The Ride gives today’s most talented performers a direct link to fans to tell their story—like no one’s ever heard before
    • The Ride #201

      Charli XCX: The Ride

      Charli XCX is a girl power hit maker who knows what she wants. In this episode of The Ride, Charli reveals who inspires her and explains why she gave away her first hit song “I Love It” away and makes no apologies for being bold and breaking the rules.

    • The Ride #204

      Rita Ora: The Ride

      Rita Ora is on top of the world, but her journey to international stardom wasn't easy. The Ride follows the ups and downs of her life as she hustled to get her voice heard to ultimately becoming a triple threat in the worlds of music, fashion and film.

    • The Ride #205

      Fifth Harmony: The Ride

      From individuals on The X Factor to a Nr.1 pop group; in this episode of The Ride, Fifth Harmony share their story, and discuss the struggles of five becoming one, the thrill of creating hits and the deep connection to their super fans; The Harmonizers.

    • The Ride #206

      Martin Garrix: The Ride

      On the age of 8, Martin Garrix got inspired to pursue his dream of being a DJ & Producer. By 19, he has grown into a global superstar. In this episode of The Ride, Martin exclusively shares his way to becoming one of the top DJ's in the world.