Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is an English reality show inspired by our American success series, Jersey Shore. This time, the party is in glamorous Newcastle and our MTV cameras catches everything.
    • Geordie Shore #1301


      The Geordies are back! Big Boss Anna’s sent the squad to Magaluf. Marnie wants more from Aaron, Holly boots off over a wicked rumour and Marty opens up to Chloe. Things are looking good until Chloe gets jealous and it all kicks off. ​

    • Geordie Shore #1302


      Ibiza. At the boat party, Aaron drops the G-bomb on Marnie and single Gaz is back when he pulls Chantelle. But how will Holly react when she finds out? Chloe’s plan to get Marty ends in pie with Marty legging it out of a caravan window to escape. ​

    • Geordie Shore #1303


      Maga. Big boss Anna is fuming when the squad finally return from Ibiza. Marnie’s plan to get Aaron’s attention backfires and the couple reach crisis point when Nathan gets involved. Gaz and Holly try to clear the air over the Chantelle kiss. ​

    • Geordie Shore #1304


      Kavos. Chloe gets jealous of Holly and Marty and completely kicks off. Marnie’s upset that Aaron’s gone without even talking. Scott receives some big news and there’s a shock arrival which has huge consequences for Gaz and Chantelle. ​

    • Geordie Shore #1305


      Kavos. It’s seriously awks between Sophie, Gaz and Chantelle after their kick off. Aaron finally returns but Marnie isn’t happy. Chantelle and Marty clash over Chloe which leads to Chantelle making a big decision. Nathan takes getting mortal to the next l

    • Geordie Shore #1306


      Napa. It's the morning after Chantelle left. Sophie gets some big news from boss Anna, Aaron ends up in an ambulance and Chloe goes all out to get over Marty at the pool party. But when Marty pulls again, things quickly go west.

    • Geordie Shore #1307


      Napa. Marty ends up in hospital after the beach party. Boss Anna has some big news for Sophie and Holly’s gutted. Nathan has an unusual plan to help Chloe while Gaz comes to a decision over Charlotte. Aaron’s fuming when Marnie goes in on Marty.

    • Geordie Shore #1308


      Ayia Napa. It’s Holly’s birthday and she gets a massive surprise when Kyle shows up. Marty goes in on Chloe and goes too far. Aaron and Marnie’s relationship reaches breaking point.

    • Geordie Shore #1309


      ​Napa. The Geordies reach crisis point. Marty tries to make it up to Chloe but will she forgive him? Is there any way back for Aaron and Marnie after last night’s break up? Meanwhile at the pool party, Holly wobbles after Kyle’s bungee goes wrong. ​

    • Geordie Shore #1310


      Napa beach party. Chloe and Marty get flirty again. Can they really stay just good friends? Kyle gets some big news from Boss Anna. Holly isn’t happy about it and makes a huge decision that will change the family forever. Last in series.​​