Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is an English reality show inspired by our American success series, Jersey Shore. This time, the party is in glamorous Newcastle and our MTV cameras catches everything.
    • Geordie Shore #1201


      The Geordies are back and it’s complete carnage! Chloe turns on her ‘bad bitch’ to try and bang Scott. Holly has a huge secret but will she be able to tell anyone? And a shock new arrival sees the lads buzzin’ and Chloe stressing.

    • Geordie Shore #1202


      ​Oi Oi! Charlotte finally turns up with a couple of bunnies and some bigger news for Gaz. But will Holly now be able to share her secret? Aaron and Scott’s dates with new girl Chantelle end badly as the lads and Chloe all kick off.

    • Geordie Shore #1203


      Charlotte gets the Dick Detectives to go hard on Gaz while Scott stuns everyone by dropping the girlfriend bomb on new girl Chantelle. Holly has a massive bust up with Charlotte when she sees her necking on with Chloe.

    • Geordie Shore #1204


      With Holly away, Chloe and Charlotte’s friendship goes next level. Chantelle’s plan to test Scott goes badly wrong and Chloe is quick to take advantage. Charlotte arranges a showdown with Holly to try and clear the air.

    • Geordie Shore #1205


      Boss Anna treats the Geordies with a trip to Hull. Gaz and Charlotte spend the night together, Chloe finally comes clean to Chantelle over what she gave Scott and it all kicks off. Plus there’s one huge shock when Marnie returns.

    • Geordie Shore #1206


      House Party. Chloe is totally buzzin’ when a new lad arrives. Charlotte pulls right in front of Gaz. Marnie goes mental when a girl of Aaron’s turns up and it kicks off again when the newbie drops Scott right in it with Chantelle.

    • Geordie Shore #1207


      ​The penultimate episode. Marnie necks on with new lad Marty to teach Aaron a lesson. Charlotte's got Chloe's back when it all kicks off between the girls. Gary and Charlotte end up in bed causing ripples in the Geordie house.

    • Geordie Shore #1208


      It’s the final episode and the Geordies don’t disappoint. Gary returns and drops a bombshell. New boy Marty cant’ get a stiffy with Chloe. Scott and Chantelle finally ‘make friends’. Holly needs to make an all important decision and there’s a shock exit!