Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is an English reality show inspired by our American success series, Jersey Shore. This time, the party is in glamorous Newcastle and our MTV cameras catches everything.
    • Geordie Shore #901

      Season 9 Episode 1

      Buzzin’! Our favourite party animals are back! Everyone is shocked when Vicky gets a promotion and becomes their boss. Holly tries to stay classy by not jumping into bed with Kyle, and Marnie swills Aaron when she discovers he’s lied to her.

    • Geordie Shore #902

      Season 9 Episode 2

      Holly has a house party but there’s a massive kick-off between the lads when Marnie tries to make Aaron jealous by necking on with Kyle. Boss Vicky runs a gay singles night, and Charlotte reveals her long-term relationship is on the rocks.

    • Geordie Shore #903

      Season 9 Episode 3

      Ooh la la! The Geordies head to Paris for a Tash-on Tours job, but will Aaron forgive Kyle for kissing Marnie? Vicky gets unprofessionally mortal at work, and on returning to the Toon Charlotte leaves for crisis talks with her boyfriend.

    • Geordie Shore #904

      Season 9 Episode 4

      Charlotte and Gary find themselves gravitating together after she returns from a showdown with her boyfriend. Vicky struggles to convince Marnie to take work seriously, and the claws are out in a vicious screaming match.

    • Geordie Shore #905

      Season 9 Episode 5

      A night out in Sunderland ends in disaster when Aaron sees Marnie and Scott getting way too close for his liking and the boys square up. Meanwhile Charlotte and Gary’s relationship goes from strength to strength.

    • Geordie Shore #906

      Season 9 Episode 6

      The Geordies hit the road to host a Tash-On Tours hoedown for young farmers in Gloucestershire. Psycho Charlotte is back when she sees Gary talking to another girl, and Holly and Kyle get closer than ever.

    • Geordie Shore #907

      Season 9 Episode 7

      Gary pretends to get a tattoo of Charlotte’s initials behind his ear, but she freaks out and says something she regrets. Meanwhile there’s drama between Aaron and Marnie, Holly loses trust in Kyle, and Gary and Scott nearly come to blows.

    • Geordie Shore #908

      Season 9 Episode 8

      It’s Christmas in the Geordie Shore house! But there are tears amidst the tinsel when Vicky returns with unexpected news. Kyle hopes for a special Xmas present from Holly, and Gaz and Char try to sort out their differences. Last in series.