10 Signs You're In An Awkward Relationship

  • 10 Signs You're In An Awkward Relationship >>>

  • 1. You were the first to say the three magic words, and you're still waiting for a reply... months later.

  • 2. You're outrageously jealous (even towards fictional characters)

  • 3. You're significant others touch suddenly feels 'rubber glovey'.

  • 4. You thought you were exclusive... but in 'real life' you're not!

  • 5. NO ACTION!!!! Kind of self explanatory...

  • 6. You generally annoyed with everything they do... especially by the nice things.

  • 7. Your 'migraine' has gotten out of control... got it?!

  • 8. You're annoyingly inseparable... in the stalking kind of way.

  • 10. Actually being in an awkward relationship...

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    Get ready for an all-new season of MTV's Awkward.

    Wether you’re still in this exciting dating phase, when you and your significant other are slowly but surely become exclusive, or you’re already in a (long-term) relationship…

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    No matter the status, everyone one of us knows that moment, when you all of sudden become aware of this very certain, but strange feeling, deep, deep down in your gut. From there on, there’s actually no denying, but rather naming it for what it is. Unfortunately, you’re stuck in one of these so called Awkward relationships… you better start running. NOW.

    To eventually read the signs before you even get there, check out our GIF gallery above.

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    Monday, 07. March 2016