AYTO shocking revelations!

  • After the season finale Christina took the bold choice to move to Las Vegas to be with Brandon. But just as she sold all her belongings and packed the rest of her stuff, it turned out that Brandon had slept with Alex.

  • Jenni went to Chicago… but it wasn't to see John. Jenni found her feelings for Anthony had manifested once more, and she even visited him in Chicago while completely ignoring the fact that John was also a Windy City resident.

  • Bri broke up with Curtis. Bri said the relationship’s progression into real life was too much too soon, and that she just couldn’t handle it.

  • Dario had sex with Shelby… Dario admitted to hooking up with his initial crush only moments after winning the big money. “When that…happens, you feel disrespected…but I’m just a bigger person and I’m choosing not to dwell on it. It’s not like me and Dario were gonna hook up.”

  • Pratt & Paris were one of the first perfect matches to spark. But Paris explained that after the show ended, Pratt totally gave her the cold shoulder. There still might be hope for them though since they both admit to have feelings for one another.

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    Check out the 5 most shocking revelations of the reunion of Are You The One? season 2 in our picture gallery.


    Ohhhh how we impatiently waited for the Are You The One? reunion to finally happen. There were just way too many uncleared questions in our minds!

    Are our perfect matches still happily ever after? Or is it splittsville already? And whats up with the million dollars?

    >>> Missed out on an episode? Tune in!

    Monday, 19. January 2015