6 New Christmas Movies To Watch This Year

Vanessa Hudgens and Pharrell Williams are getting us into the Christmas spirit this year.

It’s that time of the year, everyone!

When the skies are dark at 3pm, everyone’s counting down to the office christmas party and your bank balance is at an all-time low because you always get carried away playing Santa and can’t say no to a festive night out?

But also, when you can sit in your pyjamas all day with a tub of Pringles and make your way through hours of Christmas classics like Home Alone, The Holiday, Elf and Love, Actually, ofc.

While the oldies never get boring, 2018 is blessing us with lots of new holiday entertainment, with Netflix releasing four (!) Christmas movies and two major titles making their way to the cinemas.

So, get your wish lists out and take note of what you need to watch this season…

Monday, 19. November 2018