American singer-songwriter Lauv is our MTV PUSH act this month!

n bands from the age of twelve and all through his teenage years, Ari Leff of Lauv initially took inspiration from bands such as Green Day, Eminem and Taking Back Sunday.

“I embraced my weirdness”, says Lauv. With an eclectic and broad taste, he threw himself into music, fronting a hardcore band, a scream band and even an electronic solo project. “We’d end up in Tennessee playing for literally zero people, and it’d happen over and over again. There was a good three or four years of that.”

Skip to 2018 and, as well as earning himself hundreds of millions of streams, Lauv has also found himself an incredibly in-demand songwriter with credits on many mega-streaming hits. His honest and introspective pop sensibilities have resulted in over a billion plays, with hit single I Like Me Better” going Platinum. Lauv has toured with Ed Sheeran, as well as co-writing hits like Charli XCX’s "Boys and Cheat Codes & Demi Lovato’s No Promises.

But what is most rewarding to Lauv, more than the millions of streams and huge hit songs, he says, has been unexpectedly writing “what I didn’t even realise I needed to say”. Whilst his music does serve as escapism to many, he wants to address his inner demons head on through his songs. “I hope my music gives the feeling of having a conversation with somebody, when you just say what you’re thinking,” he says. “Those are my favourite human connections.”

Lauv has built a successful career in music through his own determination, dedication and talent. But make no mistake, his thirst isn’t yet quenched. “I think there’s potential in pretty much every single person to be a star in their own way,” he says. “I think I have the power to do something really big.”

Monday, 01. October 2018