Couples Must Figure Out Who's Fake On 'True Love or True Lies'

Have you got what it takes to spot the fakes?

Which couples are lovers and which couples are liars?

MTV’s new reality show True Love Or True Lies will follow a group of couples as they settle into a beautiful Tuscan villa – but, all is not as perfectly perfect as it seems, as some couples are the real deal, others are FAKE.

Hosted by Maya Jama, the couples compete for a £50,000 prize, with an additional £10,000 being added to the money pot every time the villa votes out a pair of liars.

But spotting the fakes might not be so easy, with the couples having to question each other on everything, from where they met to how long they’ve been together to what their pet’s middle name is.

Each episode, the couples will have to vote out the couple they think aren’t telling the truth, with the evicted couple then revealing their real status.

Will you be able to tell which pairs are the real deal?

Check out the trailer above and don’t miss True Love or True Lies every night for TWO WEEKS, starting Monday September 3rd at 19:00!

Monday, 27. August 2018